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Bam Margera presents Viva la Bands - Volume Two

Aparitie: 01.09.2007
Casa discuri: Ferret Music
Various Artists  - Bam Margera presents Viva la Bands - Volume Two
01. Clutch - King of Arizona02. In Flames - Abnegation03. Children Of Bodom – Tie My Rope04. CKY - Rio Bravo (Remix)05. The Sounds – Ego (Alan Moulder UK Mix)06. Shiny Toy Guns – Rocketship07. Bloodhound Gang - Screwing You On The Beach At Night08. GWAR - War Is All We Know09. The 69 Eyes - Shadow Of Your Love10. Priestess - Lay Down11. Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering12. Kill Hannah – Believer13. Viking Skull - Blackened Sunrise14. Vains Of Jenna - Enemy in Me15. A Life Once Lost - Firewater Joyride16. Revolution Mother - Come On17. Melody Club - Take Me Away18. The Thieves - Vacant Thoughts19. Malevolent Creation - Buried In A Nameless Grave20. Gnarkill – Dico At The Piano Bar

Maximum Rock - Suport pentru Underground Ed.1

Aparitie: 26.03.2005
Casa discuri: Promusic Prod
Various Artists  - Maximum Rock - Suport pentru Underground Ed.1
01. Icory - Elementary02. Sedativ - Zaraza03. She-Wolf - Lacrima04. Fading Circle - Cold blood Song05. Ultimu' nivel -Sabia lui Zorro06. Confuz - Jokare07. Antidot - Daci08. N.O.M. - Fall Waltz09. Rock'n Ghena - Sari10. Oceanic - Ritual de somn11. Elivagor - Endless Moon12. Necrovile- Dripping Spleen13. Shadowsail - Poarta Spre

Compendiu de Muzica Electronica (Compilatie)

Aparitie: 15.11.2004
Casa discuri: F.I.R.
Various Artists  - Compendiu de Muzica Electronica (Compilatie)
01.MORT LA CREIER - Pactul Curatorului02.ELECTRONVC - Track 103.E-MANTRA - Menhir04.SEBALEC - Teacher05.DOME - Beautiful06.JULIAN M feat. ROMINA V - Invisible Tomorrow07.PROJECT 333 - The Shaman08.TELURICA - Telescope09.MATER HADES - The Ritual (In The Old Goddess Path)10.DISCORDLESS - Deprived Of Oxygen11.INFECTATOR COM - Ce Simti12.INFECTATOR COM - Dark Mission13.MINUS - Hopeless14.MORT LA CREIER - Incep Sa Cred In Zane15.WIDE OPEN WINGS - Flight Over The Vast Fields16.THE BEYOND - Oswiecim17.NARKOLEPTIK - Sanctuar

The Lotus Eaters (Dead Can Dance Tribute)

Aparitie: 29.06.2004
Casa discuri: Black Lotus Records
Various Artists  - The Lotus Eaters (Dead Can Dance Tribute)
Disc 101.ARCANA - In the wake of adversity02.PERSEPHONE - Spirit03.DANNY LILKER (NUCLEAR ASSAULT) - Cantara04.ATARAXIA - Bylar05.FAITH AND THE MUSE - Mesmerism06.TRAIL OF TEARS - The arcane07.HORTUS ANIMAE (with Liv Kristine Espenaes ex- THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) - Windfall/ Summoning of the muse08.AMBER ASYLUM - Cardinal sin09.GRIDO - Rakim10.ANATHEMA - How fortunate is the man with none11.IMPERIA (HELENA IREN MICHAELSEN-ex TRAIL OF TEARS) - The lotus eaters12.EPHEMERAL SUN - Avatar13.SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA - The Wind that Shakes the BarleyDisc 201.BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL - Fortune present gifts not according to the book02.JARBOE (ex SWANS) - American dreaming03.ANTIMATTER - Black sun04.THE GATHERING - In power we entrust the love advocated05.NIGHTFALL - The obiguitous Mr. lovegrove06.DARKWELL - Anywhere out of the world07.GREEN CARNATION - Cantara08.ULVER - In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are kings09.AKRABU - Desert song10.NOEKK (ex EMPYRIUM) - How fortunate is the man with none11.IMPERIAL BLACK (new band of ex CRADLE OF FILTH bassist)- Enigma of the Absolute12.SECRETS OF THE MOON& NOSTALGIA - The Protagonist13.MONUMENTUM - Windfall14.SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE - Summoning of the Muse (Deconstructed)