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Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE): nuclear metal with 666% megaton pressure

Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE): nuclear metal with 666% megaton pressure
BANDS : Impaled Nazarene

Impaled Nazarene is the first name that comes up in the mind of the most of us when we are thinking about the extreme metal from Finland. The band will perform for the first time in Bucharest at the first edition of November to Dismember Metal Fest, event that is presented by Axa Valaha Productions & Ribcage Booking and will take place at Fusion Arena from Bucharest (str. Traian Popovici 79-91). We took this chance and talked a little bit with Mika Luttinen, the lead vocalist and leader of the band. The result, in the following rows:


Metalfan: Hi Mika and welcome to pages! Why are you so pissed off?
Mika Luttinen: Pissed off is not really a good term, I hate and detest certain things, situations, people, behaviour patterns, thought patterns, looks, sounds and tastes. And the downward spiral of modern times.

Metalfan: You are 42 years old and you play in Impaled Nazarene since 1990, this is more than half of your age. How important is this band for you? Which are the most important things that you have done with Impaled Nazarene 'till now?
Mika Luttinen: I created Impaled Nazarene with my brother back in 1990 so obviously it is very big part of my life. Yet I realize this will not go on forever. I am proud of the fact we got signed, we have toured the world, met and partied with great people, seen places I would never be able to see if it wasn´t because of this band. Every show is important in itself because when all clicks together (sound, audience, your personal mood), it can and it is so overwhelming experience that gives you natural high.

Metalfan: In 2011 Impaled Nazarene supposed to play three shows in Romania but unfortunately some problems appeared and you had to cancel. You were pissed off that you had to do this? Do you prepare a "revenge show" at November to Dismember Metal Fest in Bucharest?
Mika Luttinen: Rather than wasting energy of thinking that bullshit, I can tell you we will come and ram down your throats nuclear metal with 666% megaton pressure.

Metalfan: In 2010 you have released Road to the Octagon. Is there any chance for a new album in the near future? Do you have any songs written that have not been released yet?
Mika Luttinen: Yes, we are entering studio(s) late December 2013. We have been writing material all the time but we really don´t advertise this anywhere. New album is titled Vigurous and Liberating Death, some of the new songs are Flaming Sword of Satan, Sananvapaus, Riskiarvio, Cholera Utopia and so on. I think we have 11 or 12 new songs ready and we have to rehearse still two more. We also did in September a brand new 7” ep called Die in Holland which has a brand new song Die In Holland and the cover of The Exploited classic Let´s Start A War which comes out in December. Both the ep and the new album will be put out by Osmose Productions...naturally.

Metalfan: Could you tell us more about the writing process in Impaled Nazarene? Do you take decisions unanimously or you are the only one who decide?
Mika Luttinen: We all write at home. Then we meet at rehearsals and together put the pieces together. Sometimes we don´t change anything, sometimes we arrange bits and pieces, like f. ex. make it slower or faster than originally was the plan of the composer. Trial and error.

Metalfan: Last year you have released your first DVD - "1990-2012". How hard was for you to assembled this DVD?
Mika Luttinen: With the disk one we ran into unexpected technical difficulties as the sound was damaged in three different songs. This caused major headache and pushed the release date further and further. Another major issue was that we never found a certain VHS tape we had filmed back 1995. There was supposed to be stuff from there but none of us had that tape anymore. Then we thankfully had the opportunity to film the Steelfest show so we could include those three missing tracks plus more songs that are not on the actual setlist of disk one. One club show, one open air show, tons of songs.

Metalfan: The DVD was released as all your releases since Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1992) through Osmose Productions. Do you remember how did you get signed to the label?
Mika Luttinen: Yes, back in 1991 Herve send us first offer to which we didn´t bother to reply. Back then everybody wanted to get us signed but thankfully I had tons of penpals all over the world who were telling to whom you can trust and to whom not. Later Herve sent us another offer which proved he really was interested of us plus we heard he had signed Samael, Rotting Christ and Blasphemy so we said, this will be our home.

Metalfan: If you would have to change something regarding the collaboration with Osmose Productions, what it would be?
Mika Luttinen: I don´t know. Maybe they could be a bigger label but then they could lose their soul. I cannot really answer, we are happy how things are.

Metalfan: Which are the best five albums released by other bands through Osmose Productions?
Mika Luttinen:
-    1. Driller Killer – Fuck The World
-    2. Ritual Carnage – The Highest Law
-    3. Sadistik Exekution – We Are Death…Fukk You
-    4. Absu – Tara
-    5. Gehennah – King Of The Sidewalk
-    not necessarily in that order but superb albums by superb bands!

Metalfan: Why did Raism split up? Do you still keep in touch with George Zacharopoulos "Magus Wampyr Daoloth"? Which is your favorite album released by Necromantia?

Mika Luttinen: Lost interest, that´s all. We are Facebook friends, of course. Best Necromantia album is Scarlet Evil Witching Black!

Metalfan: What do you think about the metal scene from Finland? How good do you feel it is if you would have to compare it with the one from Norway, UK or USA?
Mika Luttinen: I really think nothing. I don´t follow Finnish scene or any other scene for that matter. I am totally lost about new bands. We played in UK in September and I bought a copy of latest issue of Terrorizer magazine and seriously I didn´t know maybe 80% of the bands they had featured.

Metalfan: In 2012 the legendary band Convulse reunited and have released a new EP titled Inner Evil. Did you got the chance to listen to it? What do you think about their reunion? There would be any other bands from Finland that you would like to see togheter again?
Mika Luttinen: I know the name of Convulse but I have heard a single song in my life. So I cannot say anything about them. As far as this miserable reunion trend goes, let´s just say that Carcass has really managed to pull it off with pride, their new album is fucking brilliant.

Metalfan: What do you think about the new Darkthrone album The Underground Resistance (2013)? And what do you think about Darkthrone in general?
Mika Luttinen: I don´t listen to Darkthrone so I have nothing to say.

Metalfan: Could you tell us five song titles that you will play with Impaled Nazarene in Romania?
Mika Luttinen: You can bet we do Ghettoblaster, Motorpenis, The Horny And The Horned, Total War – Winter War and Condemned To Hell.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Mika! In the end would you like to send few words to Impaled Nazarene fans or to send few words to our readers?
Mika Luttinen: Drink beer and be free!
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