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Tormentor (DESASTER): the magic of metal

Tormentor (DESASTER): the magic of metal
BANDS : Asphyx, Desaster

Tormentor, on his real name Stefan Hüskens, the drummer of the German band Desaster, was kind enough to answer to an exclusive interview for Metalfan Romania as the band will play at Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 2014. Tormentor talked abut the latest album of the band - The Arts of Destruction, about Romanian Thrash Metal Fest, but also the other bands that he plays with. Details in the lines below:

Metalfan: Hi Tormentor and welcome to Metalfan.RO! Which kind of musician you are? More like Lemmy or more like Frank Zappa? What do you think about both of them?
Tormentor: Hey there! I am no musician! I am a metal fan who likes to play music! But I also prefer Lemmy, Zappa ist too soft for me!

Metalfan: Desaster is one of the oldest thrash metal bands from Germany that are still active in 2014. Which is your secret as a band? How did you manage to last so long?

Tormentor: I think Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Tankard etc are older than we are ;) but anyway, yes Desaster now has it’s 25th anniversary and we a proud, that we still go on and play shows or write new songs! There’s no secret! It’s just the magic of METAL!

Metalfan: What do you feel about the state of metal now in 2014? What is good and what is bad? It's a good time for thrash metal?
Tormentor: Haha, I have no clue, I think Death Metal will be the “big thing”. Or better it still is. Thrash Metal is more in the background right now. But as al the years before showed, everything is coming back and if it is true and no bullshit, here you go!

Metalfan: A lot of bands have released in the last years documentaries regarding their story. Here I'm thinking at such acts as Anvil, Pentagram (US) and so on. What do you think about such project for Desaster?
Tormentor: Oh, we just finished our documentary with our friend Bomber from Visions of fear. It will be released together with our 25th anniversary show last November on DVD. It’s about 2 hours live show with most of all ex members and some guests on stage plus the DVD with 2 h… I think people will like it. We tried to make it interested as possible. Many old pics and videos… It will be released Mid 2014 on High Roller Records. The live show will be released as double LP and CD as well!

Metalfan: Back in 2012 you have released a new album titled The Arts of Destruction. Why not The Arts of Desaster? Haha!

Tormentor: Hehe, that’s a good question. We wanted to show different “arts” of destruction and violence… A desaster is just us! haha

Metalfan: Speaking about The Arts of Destruction, how do you see this album now in 2014? Are you satisfied with the final result or is there something that you would change?
Tormentor: Man, I think this is still our most powerful album. On The Arts of Destruction all fits so good together. Layout, lyrics, music, sound, artwork. All is one piece and we are still proud of this record. I think I would change nothing!

Metalfan: Is 2014 a good year for a new album?
Tormentor: Every year is a good year for a new album. But we are still writing new songs. Maybe a split or something like that will come first!

Metalfan: Do you play any other instruments beside drums? Is there any instrument that you would like to learn how to play in the near future?
Tormentor: Haha, I can’t even play drums well! I really like to be Irish. I mean I have so many friends there and al can handle at least 2 instruments, have great voices and can dance haha. But at the end I am happy with my drums. I am not a good drummer but I am damned LOUD!

Metalfan: Could you tell us more about your drumming style? Which are the drummers that you most respect and have influenced you as a musician?
Tormentor: I really have no “style”. I never had any teacher or something. All stuff I play I learned from records or by myself! My influences are Abaddon, Chris Witchhunter, Dave Lombardo, Bob Bagchus, Atomic Steiff, Chris Reifert…

Metalfan: I know that you are involved in many other bands beside Desaster. Lets talk a little bit about the newest: Carnal Ghoul. This is a full time band or an additional project of Desaster? How Carnal Ghoul took life?
Tormentor: Oh yes, I played in some bands. Haha… I need some changes sometimes. Yes Carnal Ghoul is my new baby together with Daniel from Milking The Goatmaschine and (ex) Lay Down Rotten. It was always a dream playing some Swedish Death Metal like Entombed, Nihilist, Dismember, Carnage, Edge of Sanity etc. I like this crusty, heavy, deep guitars. So we found out that we both like it, so we started writing some songs. 

Metalfan: Last year you have released the debut EP titled The Grotesque Vault. Could you tell us more about the recording process?
Tormentor: It was eays. We went to the recording studio, I recorded my drum part and I left. Because I had some shows with Desaster. So Daniel did all the rest by himself. Now we have a full line up with us two and Ferli (Guitar/ also MtGm), Pitz (bass/ ex MtGM) and Sven (voc / Fleshcrawl)

Metalfan: Please, tell me more about the lyrics. In which way are different from the ones of Desaster?
Tormentor: I have really now idea about lyrics. I never was really interested into that what singers try to tell other people haha… For me a voice is just an instrument like anything else!

Metalfan: How it was received The Grotesque Vault by the fans and also by the media? Are there any plans for a follow up full-length album?
Tormentor: Oh people really liked it. Nothing new but well played with a good attitude. That’s fine. We are also writing new songs now. So await a new album in 2014 for sure! DEATH ON!

Metalfan: You also play with Decayed from Portugal and Metalucifer from Japan. How did you end up playing in these bands? How do you manage to be involved with 4 bands at the same time?
Tormentor: Haha, I also have a new drum job now. I am the new drummer in Asphyx from the Netherlands. So you see, the Tormenor-Stone is roling harder than ever! Haha… Metalucifer is only a project. And we meet only a few times to play some shows. That’s it! Decayed is my Black Metal part in my life, but this band is extreme underground and sadly not so many live offers we get. But maybe soon, there will be more. First priority for me now is Asphyx, followed by Desaster and Carnal Ghoul.

Metalfan: On October 10-11 Desaster will play at the 3rd edition of Romanian Thrash Metal Fest. What do you expect from this show and what should the audience expect from you?
Tormentor: I expect never anything just a good time. We are hot to play in your country and bring some German thrashing Black Metal to you. The audience can expect a wild Metal show without any shit, only pure rock n roll!

Metalfan: Could you tell us the titles of three songs that you will play live at this show?
Tormentor: No, I never do! You’ll see it early enough! Ha ha ha

Metalfan: Thank you for your time and for your answers! In the end would you like to add something else or to send few words to our readers?
Tormentor: Can’t wait to try your beers and food! It’s always a pleasure to play in foreign countries and we are counting days already! See you and BANG OR BE BANGED!

Tormentor and the gäng

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