SIGNAL - Loud & Clear

Loud & Clear FORMAT: CD
REALEASE DATE: 01.01.1989

Top 1989: #53
Signal more
Mark Free - voce
Danny Jacob - chitara
Erik Scott - bas, clape
Jan Uvena - tobe

01. Arms of a Stranger02. Does it Feel Like Love03. My Mistake04. This Love, This Time05. Wake Up You Little Fool06. Liar07. Could This Be Love08. You Wont See Me Cry09. Go10. Run into the Night

From time to time, people get surprises. Like, for instance, for Kinder eggs, the greatest surprise would be if there was nothing inside. And thus the consumer of “modern music” plays a record they have no idea about. Usually, the music is OK or mediocre (if it’s bad they just throw the record away), but if there’s nothing catching their ear, after a while they find themselves playing checkers or tetris or doodling on a napkin or, if I may be forgiven, making love.


But sometimes you get a stroke of luck and that record you had no idea about hits you square in the face, bold and strong. For a lover of melodic rock and AOR, this “Loud & Clear” is this exact type of album. Tons of melody, themes gravitating around love, catchy songs filled with personality. And Free’s voice hits it big time, it is made for melody and feeling. And when I say Free, it’s not because we’re suddenly very familiar but because on the album he was a Mark, and now she’s Marcie. „He’s a Woman, She’s a Man”, as the Scorpions warned us. But everyone is free to use the toilet as they please, so let’s keep out of gossip if at all possible.


It is hard to me to talk about the peaks of this album, since I’m not a very good climber anyway. I rather prefer the bottom, and if you think I have naughty things in mind, you’re probably right. But this “Loud & Clear” doesn’t have a bottom either. There is no song you could point your finger at and say, look, this one is the worst. And if one is the best, I don’t know. Personally I’d lean towards “Arms of a Stranger”, “You Won’t See Me Cry” and “Go”. 


Going back to gossip, in case any females read this (yea right, if we didn’t like gossip we wouldn’t know about Mother Theresa and horsemanship today), I’m very sad to say that the record label where the album was re-released (remixed and with bells and whistles) is apparently selling the album quite illegally, meaning that they don’t have Mrs. Mark Free’s consent for that. And this, I believe, means that they’re not spilling the due cash towards her, otherwise why would she be against it?! (This is a rhetorical question and is rude to answer).  


Nevertheless, in order to stop dragging this on and on, I’m not sure that it’s the fault of Krescendo Records that you can’t find the album, first hand or re-released, in our supermarkets. But we still have internet sales, won’t use names because its advertising and I’m not getting anything out of it. And for those who “just taste food” at the market, you don’t need me to teach you what to do with your Internet, PC and speakers to listen to “Loud & Clear”.

Cristake more Nota: 9.5

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