Metalcamp 2006 - Day 2

Metalcamp 2006 - Day 2
TRUPE: Dimmu Borgir, Evergrey, My Dying Bride, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Soilwork, Testament, Wintersun


The second day of fest was, definitely, the bass players day, and I say this because every one of them got my attention in some way, either through the image or the movement, or the attitude. After  a very hot morning, a huge cloud covered the area and give the opportunity to the guys from One Man Army And The Undead Quartet to do their act with energy, followed, in the same spirit, by Heaven Shall Burn. These two bands put both the PA system and the audience ears to a good test. I mention these bands together because both of them showed the same blasting energy, the same great stage presence and the same aggressively. Dressed less traditionally than the common metalhead, more sport style. An of course, with very energetic and charismatic bass players. 


Heaven Shall Burn


One Man Army


After all this hell broke loose, a short break and Evergrey, just arrived from a 10 hours trip by car from Germany, stepped on the stage. They were tired but this was visible maybe the first 2-3 songs, because afterwards, the crowd literally gave wings to Evergrey. Englund started Blinded with a mini-solo wringly executed, he smiled to his colleagues and continued the song like clockwork. Then, after singing More Then Ever, his face was already red, because of the heat on the stage and the effort, but without loosing his charisma. He didn't hesitate to ask for applause everytime the rhythm demanded it and the crown gladly answered to his request every single time. At one point, towards the end of the show, Englund announced that for Michael Håkansson, the bass player, this was the last show in Evergrey and that made the public sing with full power the chorus of Recreation Day. And after Obedience, that showed us that Monday Morning Apocalypse is not well received yet, Evergrey made the last guitar change and ended the show with A Touch Of Blessing and The Masterplan, gathering a lot of applause and yells when, at the end, all together in the front of the stage, they bowed to the audience.




I unfortunately missed Wintersun ( I had a good reason for it) but I came back just in time for Soilwork. Oh yeah, this was a lesson of putting the speakers to use. Although there was still day time, the thick smoke made the stage lights to be somehow effective after the first two songs, so the Soilwork show had all the ingredients of a big one. After only the first guitar theme, the most violent moshpit in the festival so far was in place. Have I said that this was the bass players day? Oh yeah, the perfect example is Ola Flink. He entered with small steps, careful not to spill his drink, he took a sip, plugged his bass and started the madness. He danced, jumped, ran like hell on the stage, rhythmically slapped his belly of his face while playing, made funny faces, swigged the base around, and doing all that, the was perfect in playing. Just like his other colleagues. The man is a show by himself and is a big plus to Soilwork's appearance. The adrenaline levels peaked during Follow The Hollow and at the end, when Bjorn asked the public to jump during As We Speak, you could feel a real earthquake.





After this pure energy feast,  a break with My Dying Bride was quite welcome. For those who do not like MDB, was a good moment for beers. For the fans (a lot of them), a perfect moment of dreaming. I admit, I like only some old MDB albums, I barely listen to them and I don't like MDB live. But I would be unfair just to say that, cause judging by the reaction of the crowd during Cry Of Mankind, the thousands of fans enjoyed themselves very much. My Dying Bride took to the people to another state of mind. Aaron's attitude was more natural than in another occasions, cool and less theatrical. I still have something to say though: MDB members look live they're not on the same stage sometimes. Aaron is a very carefully make up Jesus, the guitarists look like a heavy-metal band of the 80's and Sarah, who doesn't seem to move even one muscle, has a black-goth appearance. And provided that the songs dynamic doesn't require an impressive stage movement, the only solution for a great show is to create a special atmosphere only from music and words. And My Dying Bride did that. For the dedicated fans, as they confessed, this was really the best show of the festival.



My Dying Bride


Ladies and Gentlemen, Testament, in 80% of their golden line-up, with Alex  Skolnick back from the jazz era, without Louie Clemente behind drums but with the veteran Paul Bostaph kickin' them hard. Show made in USA, pure heavy metal from start to finish. Chuck Billy may not have the energy as 15 years and 30 kilos ago but the voice is still there, untouched by time. Of course, he also did the famous simulation of 'guitar playing' at the microphone stand every single song. Testament opened with The Preacher, a perfect choice. And then, the public enjoyed songs like Burnt Offerings, Souls Of Black or Practice What You Preach only to sing, dressed in the blue light coming from the stage, the chorus of The Legacy. We've witnessed the classic game during which Chuck asked the public to repeat his acute notes. We've seen the duels between Petersen and Skolnick, with the guitars in the air or at their back. We've felt a tremendous energy from these 'old' guys, that taught us a lesson about doing a show.  Disciples Of The Watch ended a long but beautiful setlist, almost entirely sung by the audience.





Seeing a lot of girls wearing broads with Dimmu written on one breast cup and Borgir on the other, it was clear to me which was supposed to be the evening's highlight. But it seemed that Dimmu Borgir hadn't brought a record audience, cause those who are not into black metal left for the tents or for beer. After a long intro, the bans entered the stage in a thick smoke and I felt maybe the highest volume so far in the festival. Also, the lights were maybe the most spectacular. The band? Well... I'm not a fan, but I've listened a lot of DB and I've seen some taped shows and videoclips. I was expecting something more, maybe not blood or virgins' sacrifices but still, something more than this classic metal show. For me, the only interest were the guys' makeup, Vortex being the most 'scary' of all. The drummer and the keyboard player were almost hidden, the first being a piece of black material, the other one behind the many almost vertical cymbals. The setlist seemed also not for the fan's taste, although the dedicated fans responded well to the band show. Dimmu Borgir played one premiere song from the future album, but the reaction of the fans was more intense after Shagrath announced it than after they played it. The end, with IndoctriNation and Stormblast was more intense, with a lot of fans in the air while the volume became outrageously loud. So what can I say? Somehow a contradictory show, but a must for my metal culture. Anyway, this was a good day for metal.



Dimmu Borgir

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