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Earth Electric, a new project by Rune Eriksen and Carmen Simões comes forth

Earth Electric, a new project by Rune Eriksen and Carmen Simões comes forth
The gifted guitarist Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen, who is renowned for his past contributions in the most complex Mayhem’s releases and for his ongoing activities in Aura Noir and Twilight of the Gods, has channelled his creative energies in a new project which brings the most progressive approach in his career and relies on an original manifestation of the psychedelic genres at the same time. Together with wonderful vocalist Carmen Simões known for her collaborations with Moonspell, whom Eriksen worked previously in Ava Inferi, he started Earth Electric in 2014 and recorded a demo joined by Luigi “Gee” Anzalone of DragonForce and Doro band member Luca Princiotta. Developing gradually a more ethereal touch and some heavy melody, Earth Electric got subsequently formed with the contributions of two Portuguese musicians, namely bassist Alexandre Ribeiro and drummer Ricardo Martins and Messenger’s keyboardist Daniel Knight. Thus, the debut album was recorded at Orgone Studio featuring producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, whose portfolio includes great names such as Ghost, Primordial, Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Ulver or Sólstafir to name a few. 

Vol.1: Solar” is the beautiful title of the Earth Electric’s debut and is set to be released on the 12th of May via Season of Mist. Below you will find the first published track from this release and the album cover, which is signed by Costin Chioreanu.
Here’s what Rune Eriksen stated about this animative occurrence: “We have chosen the aptly titled ‘Meditate. Mediate’ as our first single, because this song reflects the content and theme of our album well. We also feel that its vibe serves as a wake-up call for this rather bleak and egocentric world. We simply need more colours! Through our debut ‘Vol.1: Solar’ we convey pure emotions with a musical emphasis on ‘the classic era’ of hard rock. In our opinion, the result is adventurous and fun; at times a tad psychedelic and untamed yet on the other hand classic and refined. This is no make-up, just pure rock in all its pride and glory. We are Earth Electric!
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