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Mytrip released a video to introduce the new album

Mytrip released a video to introduce the new album
 The Bulgarian project conducted by Angel Simitchiev, Mytrip has released recently a music video for the “Adaptive” song. A certain section of the Romanian crowd is already acquainted with the drone – ambient music created by the Bulgarian artist since he presented his projects in this place, first under the Leaver name by opening the Nadja’s concert in 2014 and the second time as Mytrip in the early 2016, opening for a Valerinne show. 

“Adaptive” is taken from the new album “Filament”, which will be released on the 7th of November as 12’’ LP, cassette and digital version. The press release, which aims to announce the release describes it as follows: 
Following last year's Mytrip highly appreciated vinyl debut ‘Empty’, the Bulgarian ambient / drone artist is back with a long-anticipated full-length album. In ‘Filament’ Mytrip is delving deeper into his raw and complex soundscapes. This time they are enriched by tense melodies, blurry rhythmic patterns and organic field recordings. Breathing on the thin borderline of ambient, drone and dub, ‘Filament’ is Mytrip's most emotionally and musically varying release so far. The record was written to be experienced live, thus it carries the signature aural harshness of the artist's recent works. Combined with Mytrip's immense love for drifting sonic environments ‘Filament’ is an atmospheric, but intense story about birth, growth and self-awareness.

Photo by Małgorzata Replińska
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