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“Serpent Sun” – new song from Nightbringer

“Serpent Sun” – new song from Nightbringer
American black metal group Nightbringer presents the first new song from the fifth upcoming album “Terra Damnata” (out on the 14th of April under the Season of Mist logo). “Serpent Sun” is a six-minute track, revealing the evolution of Nightbringer’s approach regarding the Scandinavian phenomenal wave of black metal.
Here you will find also the track-list and the cover of “Terra Damanta” and thus it becomes obvious that Nightbringer keeps up the exploration of those esoteric arts that built the band’s distinction. 
1. As Wolves Amongst Ruins 
2. Misrule 
3. Midnight's Crown 
4. Of the Key and Crossed Bones 
5. Let Silence be His Sacred Name 
6. Inheritor of a Dying World 
7. The Lamp of Inverse Light 
8. Serpent Sun
Photo: Erin Nelson-Gardner
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