Sodom Activa
Country: Germania
Tom Angelripper - voce, bas
Bernemann - chitara
Bobby Schottkowski - tobe


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Decision Day

Aparitie: 26.08.2016
Casa discuri: SPV
Sodom - Decision Day
01. In Retribution02. Rolling Thunder03. Decision Day04. Caligula05. Who Is God?06. Strange Lost World07. Vaginal Born Evil08.Belligerence09. Blood Lions10. Sacred Warpath 11. Refused to Die12. Predatory Instinct

Epitome of Torture

Aparitie: 26.04.2013
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Epitome of Torture
01. My Final Bullet02. S.O.D.O.M.03. Epitome Of Torture04. Stigmatized05. Cannibal06. Shoot Today - Kill Tomorrow07. Invocating The Demons08. Katjuscha09. Into The Skies Of War10. Tracing The Victim

In War and Pieces

Aparitie: 23.11.2010
Casa discuri: SPV
Sodom - In War and Pieces
01. In War and Pieces02. Hellfire03. Through Toxic Veins04. Nothing Counts More Than Blood05. Storm Raging Up06. Feigned Death Throes07. Soul Contraband08. God Bless You09. The Art of Killing Poetry10. Knarrenheinz11. Styptic Parasite

Lords of Depravity Part II

Aparitie: 12.07.2010
Casa discuri: SPV
Sodom - Lords of Depravity Part II
DVD1Povestea completa 1995-200901. Intro02. Onkel Tom03. Tom Is Looking for New Members04. Reunion Sodom05. Til Death Us Unite (Recordings)06. Endzeit Festival07. Til Death Us Unite (Promo And Release)08. Summer Metal Meeting09. Lauchhammer10. With Full Force 9711. Wacken 9712. Lieder Wie Orkane13. Südamerika 9714. USA 9715. Ein Tröpchen Voller Glück16. Code Red17. Ein Strauss Bunter Melodien18. Desperados (How This Developed)19. Dynamo 9920. With Full Force 9921. Fuck the Millennium Tour22. Desperados (Release)23. With Full Force 200024. M16 (Recordings)25. Bangkok 200126. Wacken 200127. M16 (Release)28. Hell Comes to Your Town Tour29. Japan30. One Night in Bangkok31. Summer Open Airs 200232. Moskau 200333. One Night in Bangkok (Release)34. With Full Force 200335. Bang Your Head 200336. Summer Open Airs 200237. Sofia38. Greece39. Summer Breeze 200440. Lords of Depravity/Sodom Rehearsals41. Ankara42. South America 200543. Metalcruise44. USA 200645. Sodom (Recordings / Release)46. Rock Hard 200647. Japan 200648. European Tour with FINNTROLL and LEGION OF THEDAMNED49. Eastern European Tour50. Final Sign of Evil51. Klassentreffen (All Ex-Members Under One Roof)52. Death of Chris Witchhunter53. Australia, Indonesia, Thailand54. Wacken 200755. OutroDVD2Concertul de aniversare a 25 de ani de la Wacken Open Air2007 (invitati: Grave Violator, Frank Blackfire, Michael Hoffmann, Andy Brings, Atomic Steif)01. Intro02. Blood on Your Lips03. Wanted Dead04. City of God05. Axis of Evil06. Blasphemer07. Proselytism Real08. Christ Passion09. Magic Dragon10. Tarred and Feathered11. One Step Over the Line12. Get What You Deserve13. Abuse14. Frozen Screams15. The Vice of Killing16. Napalm in the Morning17. Sodomy and Lust18. Ausgebombt19. The Saw Is the Law20. Outbreak of Evil21. Bombenhagel22. OutroVideoclipuri:Fuck the PoliceCity of God+ Deleted Scenes


Aparitie: 21.04.2006
Casa discuri: SPV
Sodom - Sodom
01. Blood On Your Lips02. Wanted Dead03. Buried In The Justice Ground04. City Of God05. Bibles And Guns06. Axis Of Evil07. Lords Of Depravity08. No Captures09. Lay Down The Law10. Nothing To Regret11. The Enemy Inside12. Kamikaze Terrorizer (Japan Bonus Track)


Aparitie: 22.10.2001
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - M-16
01. Among the Weirdcong02. I Am the War03. Napalm in the Morning04. Minejumper05. Genocide06. Little Boy07. M-1608. Lead Injection09. Cannon Fodder10. Marines11. Surfin' Bird (The Trashmen cover)

Code Red

Aparitie: 31.05.1999
Casa discuri: Drakkar
Sodom - Code Red
01. Intro02. Code Red03. What Hell Can Create04. Tombstone05. Liquidation06. Spiritual Demise07. Warlike Conspiracy08. Cowardice09. The Vice of Killing10. Visual Buggery11. Book Burning12. The Wolf & the Lamb13. Addicted to Abstinence

'til Death Do Us Unite

Aparitie: 24.02.1997
Casa discuri: G.U.N. Records
Sodom - 'til Death Do Us Unite
01. Frozen Screams02. Fuck the Police03. Gisela04. That's What an Unknown Killer Diarized05. Hanging Judge06. No Way Out07. Polytoximaniac08. 'til Death Do Us Unite09. Hazy Shade of Winter (Paul Simon cover)10. Suicidal Justice11. Wander in the Valley12. Sow the Seeds of Discord13. Master of Disguise14. Schwerter zu Pflugscharen15. Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star

Masquerade in Blood

Aparitie: 01.06.1995
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Masquerade in Blood
01. Masquerade in Blood02. Gathering of Minds03. Fields of Honour04. Braindead05. Verrecke!06. Shadow of Damnation07. Peacemaker's Law08. Murder in My Eyes09. Unwanted Youth10. Mantelmann11. Scum12. Hydrophobia13. Let's Break the Law (Anti-Nowhere League cover)

Get What You Deserve

Aparitie: 01.01.1994
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Get What You Deserve
01. Get What You Deserve02. Jabba the Hut03. Jesus Screamer04. Delight in Slaying05. Die Stumme Ursel06. Freaks of Nature07. Eat Me!08. Unbury the Hatchet09. Into Perdition10. Sodomized11. Fellows in Misery12. Tribute to Moby Dick13. Silence Is Consent14. Erwachet!15. Gomorrah16. Angel Dust (Venom cover)

Tapping the Vein

Aparitie: 01.08.1992
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Tapping the Vein
01. Body Parts02. Skinned Alive03. One Step Over the Line04. Deadline05. Bullet in the Head06. The Crippler07. Wachturm08. Tapping the Vein09. Back to War10. Hunting Season11. Reincarnation

Better Off Dead

Aparitie: 01.10.1990
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Better Off Dead
01. An Eye for an Eye02. Shellfire Defense03. The Saw Is the Law04. Turn Your Head Around (Tank cover)05. Capture the Flag06. Bloodtrails07. Never Healing Wound08. Better Off Dead09. Resurrection10. Stalinorgel

Agent Orange

Aparitie: 01.06.1989
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Agent Orange
01. Agent Orange02. Tired and Red03. Incest04. Remember the Fallen05. Magic Dragon06. Exhibition Bout07. Ausgebombt08. Baptism of Fire

Persecution Mania

Aparitie: 01.12.1987
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Persecution Mania
01. Nuclear Winter02. Electrocution03. Iron Fist (Motörhead cover)04. Persecution Mania05. Enchanted Land06. Procession to Golgotha07. Christ Passion08. Conjuration09. Bombenhagel

Obsessed by Cruelty

Aparitie: 01.07.1986
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty
01. Intro (The Rebirth...)02. Deathlike Silence03. Brandish the Sceptre04. Proselytism Real05. Equinox06. After the Deluge07. Obsessed by Cruelty08. Fall of Majesty Town09. Nuctemeron10. Pretenders to the Throne11. Witchhammer12. Volcanic Slut


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