Anvil Activa
Tara: Canada
Oras: Toronto
Steve "Lips" Kudlow - voce, chitara
Ivan Hurd - chitara
Glen Gyorffy - bas
Robb Reiner - baterie


Anul infintarii: 1981


Hard 'N' Heavy, 1981, Attic Records

Metal on Metal, 1982, Attic Records

Forged in Fire
, 1983, Attic Records

Strength Of Steel
, 1987, Roadrunner Records

Pound for Pound
, 1988, Metal Blade

Worth the Weight
, 1992, Mausoleum

Plugged in Permanent
, 1996, Massacre Records

Absolutely No Alternative
, 1997, Massacre Records

Speed of Sound
, 1999, Massacre Records

Plenty Of Power
, 2001, Massacre Records

Still Going Strong
, 2002, Massacre Records

Back to Basics
, 2004, Massacre Records


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Anvil Is Anvil

Aparitie: 26.02.2016
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Anvil - Anvil Is Anvil
01. Daggers and Rum02. Up, Down, Sideways03. Gun Control04. Die for a Lie05. Runaway Train06. Zombie Apocalypse07. It's Your Move08. Ambushed09. Fire on the Highway10. Run Like Hell11. Forgive Don't Forget12. Never Going to Stop

Hope in Hell

Aparitie: 24.05.2013
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Anvil - Hope in Hell
01. Hope in Hell02. Eat your Words03. Through with You04. The Fight Is Never Won05. Pay the Toll06. Flying07. Call of Duty08. Badass Rock n Roll09. Time Shows no Mercy10. Mankind Machine11. Shut the Fuck Up12. Hard Wired (bonus)13. Fire at Will (bonus)

Juggernaut of Justice

Aparitie: 10.05.2011
Casa discuri: The End Records
Anvil - Juggernaut of Justice
01. Juggernaut of Justice02. When Hell Breaks Loose03. New Orleans Voodoo04. On Fire05. FukenEh!06. Turn It Up07. The Ride08. Not Afraid09. Conspiracy10. Running11. Paranormal12. Swing Thing