Freedom Call

Freedom Call Activa
Tara: Germania
Chris Bay - voce
Lars Rettkowitz - chitara
Armin Donderer - bas
Daniel Zimmerman - tobe


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Aparitie: 21.02.2014
Casa discuri: SPV
Freedom Call - Beyond
01. Union of the Strong02. Knights of Taragon03. Heart of a Warrior04. Come on Home05. Beyond06. Among the Shadows07. Edge of the Ocean08. Journey into Wonderland09. In the Rhythm of Light10. Dance Off The Devil11. Paladin12. Follow Your Heart13. Colours of Freedom14. Beyond Eternity

Land of the Crimson Dawn

Aparitie: 24.02.2012
Casa discuri: SPV
Freedom Call - Land of the Crimson Dawn
01. Age of the Phoenix02. Rockstars03. Crimson Dawn04. 66 Warriors05. Back into the Land of Light06. Sun In The Dark07. Hero on Video08. Valley of Kingdom09. Killer Gear10. Rockin' Radio11. Terra Liberty12. Eternity13. Space Legends14. Power & Glory

Live in Hellvetia

Aparitie: 23.05.2011
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Freedom Call - Live in Hellvetia
Disc I01. We Are One02. United Alliance03. Thunder God04. Tears of Babylon05. Blackened Sun06. Queen of My World07. Out of The Ruins08. Hunting High and Low09. Drum Solo10. Metal Invasion11. Merlin - Requiem12. Merlin - Legend of the Past13. The Quest14. Warriors15. A Perfect Day16. Far Away17. Mr. Evil18. Land of Light19. Freedom Call20. Hymn to The BraveDisc II (bonus)+ Documentar

Legend of the Shadowking

Aparitie: 01.02.2010
Casa discuri: SPV
Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking
01. Out of the Ruins02. Thunder God03. Tears of Babylon04. Merlin - Legend of the Past05. Resurrection Day06. Under the Spell of the Moon07. Dark Obsession08. The Darkness09. Remember!10. Ludwig II – Prologue11. The Shadowking12. Merlin – Requiem13. Kingdom of Madness14. A Perfect Day


Aparitie: 20.04.2007
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Freedom Call - Dimensions
01. Demons Dance02. Innocent World03. United Alliance04. Mr. Evil05. Queen Of My World06. Light Up The Sky07. Words Of Endeavour08. Blackened Sun09. Dimensions10. My Dying Paradise11. Magic Moments12. Far Away

The Circle of Life

Aparitie: 21.05.2005
Casa discuri: SPV
Freedom Call - The Circle of Life
01. Mother Earth02. Carry On03. Rhythm Of Life04. Hunting High And Low05. Starlight06. The Gathering (Midtro)07. Kings & Queens08. Hero Nation09. High Enough10. Starchild11. Eternal Flame12. Circle Of Life