Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion Activa
Tara: Olanda
Marcela Bovio - voce, vioara
Eric Hazebroek - chitara
Stephan Schultz - chitara
Jeffrey Revet - clapa
Johan van Stratum - bas
Martijn Peters - tobe

Davy Mickers - tobe
Arjen Lucassen - chitara
Lori Linstruth - chitara
Alejandro Millán - clape, programming

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A War of Our Own

Aparitie: 18.04.2014
Casa discuri:
Stream of Passion - A War of Our Own

Darker Days

Aparitie: 24.06.2011
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Stream of Passion - Darker Days
01. Lost02. Reborn03. Collide04. The Scarlet Mark05. Spark06. Our Cause07. Darker Days08. Broken09. This Moment10. Closer11. The Mirror12. Nadie Love13. The World Is Ours

The Flame within

Aparitie: 29.05.2009
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Stream of Passion - The Flame within
01. The Art Of Loss02. In The End03. Now Or Never04. When You Hurt Me The Most05. Run Away06. Games We Play07. This Endless Night08. My Leader09. Burn My Pain10. Let Me In11. Street Spirit12. A Part Of You13. All I Know

Live in the Real World

Aparitie: 17.06.2006
Casa discuri: InsideOut
Stream of Passion - Live in the Real World
01. Intro02. Spellbound03. Passion04. Waracle05. Wherever you are06. Computer Eyes07. Calliopeia08. Valley of the Queens09. Haunted10. The Charm of the Seer11. Deceiver / Songs of the Ocean12. Day One: Vigil13. Day Three: Pain14. Nostalgia15. Out in the Real World16. The Castle Hall17. Into the Black Hole18. When the Levee Breaks19. Day Eleven: Love