Tesla Activa
Site: www.teslatheband.com/
Tara: SUA
Oras: Sacramento
Jeff Keith - voce
Frank Hannon - chitara
Dave Rude - chitara
Brian Wheat - bas
Troy Luccketta - tobe

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Forever More

Aparitie: 07.10.2008
Casa discuri: Tesla Electric Company Recordings
Tesla - Forever More
01. Forever More02. I Wanna LIve03. One Day At A Time04. So What05. Just In Case06. Fallin’ Apart07. Breakin’ Free08. All of Me09. The First Time10. Pvt. Ledbetter11. In A Hole Again12. The Game

Bust a Nut

Aparitie: 23.08.1994
Casa discuri: Geffen
Tesla - Bust a Nut
01. The Gate/Invited02. Solution03. Shine Away04. Try So Hard05. She Want She Want06. Need Your Lovin'07. Action Talks08. Mama's Fool09. Cry10. Earthmover11. Alot To Lose12. Rubberband13. A Wonderful World14. Games People Play

Psychotic Supper

Aparitie: 30.09.1991
Casa discuri: Geffen
Tesla - Psychotic Supper
01. Change in the Weather02. Edison's Medicine03. Don't De-Rock Me04. Call It What You Want05. Song and Emotion06. Time07. Government Personnel08. Freedom Slaves09. Had Enough10. What You Give11. Stir It up12. Can't Stop13. Toke about It

Five Man Acoustical Jam

Aparitie: 13.11.1990
Casa discuri: Geffen
Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam
01. Comin' Atcha Live/Truckin'02. Heaven's Trail (No Way out)03. The Way It Is04. We Can Work It out05. Signs06. Gettin' Better07. Before My Eyes08. Paradise09. Lodi10. Mother's Little Helper11. Modern Day Cowboy12. Love Song13. Tommy's down Home14. Down fo' Boogie

The Great Radio Controversy

Aparitie: 01.02.1989
Casa discuri: Geffen
Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy
01. Hang Tough02. Lady Luck03. Heaven's Trail (No Way out)04. Be a Man05. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights06. Did It for the Money07. Yesterdaze Gone08. Makin' Magic09. The Way It Is10. Flight to Nowhere11. Love Song12. Paradise13. Party's Over

Mechanical Resonance

Aparitie: 08.12.1986
Casa discuri: Geffen
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
01. Ez Come Ez Go02. Cumin' Atcha Live03. Gettin' Better04. 2 Late 4 Love05. Rock Me to the Top06. We're No Good Together07. Modern Day Cowboy08. Changes09. Little Suzi10. Love Me11. Cover Queen12. Before My Eyes