Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry Activa
Tara: Suedia
Roberth Karlsson - voce
Lars Palmqvist - voce
Jonas Kjellgren - chitara
Per Nilsson - chitara
Kenneth Seil - bas
Henrik Ohlsson - tobe

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The Unseen Empire

Aparitie: 15.04.2011
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
01. The Anomaly02. Illuminoid Dream Sequence03. Extinction Mantra04. Seers of the Schaton05. Domination Agenda06. Astronomicon07. Rise of the Reptilian Regime08. The Draconian Arrival09. Alpha and Omega

Dark Matter Dimenssions

Aparitie: 02.10.2009
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimenssions
01. The Iconoclast02. The Consciousness Eaters03. Noumenon And Phenomenon04. Ascension Chamber05. Mechanical Soul Cybernetics06. Nonhuman Era07. Dark Matter Dimensions08. Sculpture Void09. A Paranthesis In Eternity10. Frequencyshifter11. Radiant Strain12. Pariah (exclusive limited-edition digipack bonus track)

Holographic Universe

Aparitie: 20.06.2008
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe
01. Morphogenesis02. Timewave Zero03. Quantumleaper04. Artificial Sun Projection05. The Missing Coordinates06. Ghost Prototype I (Measurement Of Thought)07. Fear Catalyst08. Trapezoid09. Prism And Gate10. Holographic Universe11. The Three-Dimensional Shadow12. Ghost Prototype II (Deus Ex Machina)

Pitch Black Progress

Aparitie: 01.03.2006
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Scar Symmetry - Pitch Black Progress
01. The Illusionist02. Slaves To The Subliminal03. Mind Machine04. Pitch Black Progress05. Calculate The Apocalypse06. Dreaming 24/707. Abstracted08. The Kaleidoscopic God09. Retaliator10. Oscilliation11. The Path Of Least Resistance12. Carved In Stone13. Deviate From The Form