Aerosmith Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Boston, Massachusetts
Steven Tyler - voce, pian, muzicuta, percutie
Joe Perry - chitara, voce
Brad Whitford - chitara
Tom Hamilton - bas
Joey Kramer - tobe

Ray Tabano - chitara (1969 - 1971)
Jimmy Crespo - chitara (1979 - 1984)
Rick Dufay - chitara (1981 - 1984)

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Rock For the Rising Sun

Aparitie: 23.07.2013
Casa discuri: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Aerosmith - Rock For the Rising Sun
01. Draw The Line02. Love In An Elevator03. Livin' On The Edge04. Hangman Jury05. No More No More06. Mama Kin07. Monkey On My Back08. Toys In The Attic09. Sweet Emotion10. Boogie Man11. Rats In The Cellar12. Movin' Out13. Last Child14. S.O.S. (Too Bad)15. Walk This Way16. Train Kept A Rollin'

Music from Another Dimension!

Aparitie: 06.11.2012
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Music from Another Dimension!
01. LUV XXX02. Oh Yeah03. Beautiful04. Tell Me05. Out Go the Lights06. Legendary Child07. What Could Have Been Love08. Street Jesus09. Can't Stop Loving You10. Lover Alot11. We All Fall Down12. Freedom Fighter13. Closer14. Something15. Another Last Goodbye

Just Push Play

Aparitie: 06.03.2001
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Just Push Play
01. Beyond Beautiful02. Just Push Play03. Jaded04. Fly Away from Here05. Trip Hoppin'06. Sunshine07. Under My Skin08. Luv Lies09. Outta Your Head10. Drop Dead Gorgeous11. Light Inside12. Avant Garden

Nine Lives

Aparitie: 18.03.1997
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Nine Lives
01. Nine Lives02. Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)03. Hole in My Soul04. Taste of India05. Full Circle06. Something's Gotta Give07. Ain't That a Bitch08. The Farm09. Crash10. Kiss Your Past Good-Bye11. Pink12. Attitude Adjustment13. Fallen Angels

Get a Grip

Aparitie: 20.04.1993
Casa discuri: Geffen
Aerosmith - Get a Grip
01. Intro02. Eat the Rich03. Get a Grip04. Fever05. Livin' on the Edge06. Flesh07. Walk on Down08. Shut Up and Dance09. Cryin'10. Gotta Love It11. Crazy12. Line Up13. Amazing14. Boogie Man


Aparitie: 12.09.1989
Casa discuri: Geffen
Aerosmith - Pump
01. Young Lust02. F.I.N.E.03. Love in an Elevator04. Monkey on My Back05. Janie's Got a Gun06. The Other Side07. My Girl08. Don't Get Mad, Get Even09. Voodoo Medicine Man10. What It Takes

Permanent Vacation

Aparitie: 05.09.1987
Casa discuri: Geffen
Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
01. Heart's Done Time02. Magic Touch03. Rag Doll04. Simoriah05. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)06. St. John07. Hangman Jury08. Girl Keeps Coming Apart09. Angel10. Permanent Vacation11. I'm Down12. The Movie

Done with Mirrors

Aparitie: 09.11.1985
Casa discuri: Geffen
Aerosmith - Done with Mirrors
01. Let the Music Do the Talking02. My Fist Your Face03. Shame on You04. The Reason a Dog05. Shela06. Gypsy Boots07. She's on Fire08. The Hop09. Darkness

Rock in a Hard Place

Aparitie: 01.08.1982
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Rock in a Hard Place
01. Jailbait02. Lightning Strikes03. Bitch's Brew04. Bolivian Ragamuffin05. Cry Me a River06. Prelude to Joanie07. Joanie's Butterfly08. Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)09. Jig Is Up10. Push Comes to Shove

Night in the Ruts

Aparitie: 01.11.1979
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Night in the Ruts
01. No Surprize02. Chiquita03. Remember (Walking in the Sand)04. Cheese Cake05. Three Mile Smile06. Reefer Head Woman07. Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)08. Think About It09. Mia

Draw the Line

Aparitie: 01.12.1977
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Draw the Line
01. Draw the Line02. I Wanna Know Why03. Critical Mass04. Get It Up05. Bright Light Fright06. Kings and Queens07. The Hand That Feeds08. Sight for Sore Eyes09. Milk Cow Blues


Aparitie: 03.05.1976
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Rocks
01. Back in the Saddle02. Last Child03. Rats in the Cellar04. Combination05. Sick as a Dog06. Nobody's Fault07. Get the Lead Ou08. Lick and a Promise09. Home Tonight

Toys in the Attic

Aparitie: 08.04.1975
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic
01. Toys in the Attic02. Uncle Salty03. Adam's Apple04. Walk This Way05. Big Ten Inch Record06. Sweet Emotion07. No More No More08. Round and Round09. You See Me Crying

Get Your Wings

Aparitie: 01.03.1974
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Get Your Wings
01. Same Old Song and Dance02. Lord of the Thighs03. Spaced04. Woman of the World05. S.O.S. (Too Bad)06. Train Kept A Rollin'07. Seasons of Wither08. Pandora's Box


Aparitie: 05.01.1973
Casa discuri: Columbia Records
Aerosmith - Aerosmith
01. Make It02. Somebody03. Dream On04. One Way Street05. Mama Kin06. Write Me a Letter07. Movin' Out08. Walkin' the Dog


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