Dio Activa
Site: www.ronniejamesdio.com
Tara: SUA
Oras: Cortland, NY
Ronnie James Dio - voce
Craig Goldy - chitara
Scott Warren - clape
Rudy Sarzo - bas
Simon Wright - tobe




Holy Diver, 1983, Vertigo

The Last in Line, 1984, Vertigo

Sacred Heart, 1985, Vertigo

Intermission (EP), 1986, Vertigo

Dream Evil, 1987, Vertigo

Lock up the Wolves, 1990, Vertigo

Strange Highways, 1994, Vertigo

Angry Machines, 1996, Steamhammer

Inferno/Last in Live (live CD), 1998, Steamhammer

Magica, 2000, Spitfire

Killing the Dragon, 2002, SPV

Evil or Divine (live DVD), 2003

Master of the Moon, 2004, SPV

Evil or Divine (live CD), 2005, Spitfire

We Rock (DVD), 2005

Holy Diver Live (live CD), 2006 (17.05), Eagle Rock


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Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 and 1987

Aparitie: 09.11.2010
Casa discuri: Niji Entertainment Group
Dio - Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 and 1987
CD 1: 198301. Stand Up and Shout02. Straight Through the Heart03. Children of the Sea04. Rainbow in the Dark05. Holy Diver06. Drum Solo07. Stargazer08. Guitar Solo09. Heaven and Hell10. Man on the Silver Mountain11. Starstruck12. Man on the Silver Mountain (Reprise)CD 2: 198701. Dream Evil02. Neon Knights03. Naked in the Rain04. Rock and Roll Children05. Long Live Rock n’ Roll06. The Last in Line07. Children of the Sea08. Holy Diver09. Heaven and Hell10. Man on the Silver Mountain11. All the Fools Sailed Away12. The Last in Line (Reprise)13. Rainbow in the Dark


Aparitie: 21.03.2000
Casa discuri: Spitfire Records
Dio - Magica
01. Discovery02. Magica Theme03. Lord of the Last Day04. Fever Dreams05. Turn to Stone06. Feed My Head07. Eriel08. Challis09. As Long as It's Not About Love10. Losing My Insanity11. Otherworld12. Magica13. Lord of the Last Day14. Magica Story

Lock Up the Wolves

Aparitie: 15.05.1990
Casa discuri: Reprise Records
Dio - Lock Up the Wolves
01. Wild One02. Born on the Sun03. Hey Angel04. Between Two Hearts05. Night Music06. Lock Up the Wolves07. Evil on Queen Street08. Walk on Water09. Twisted10. Why Are They Watching Me11. My Eyes

Dream Evil

Aparitie: 21.07.1987
Casa discuri: Warner Bros
Dio - Dream Evil
01. Night People02. Dream Evil03. Sunset Superman04. All the Fools Sailed Away05. Naked in the Rain06. Overlove07. I Could Have Been a Dreamer08. Faces in the Window09. When a Woman Cries

Sacred Heart

Aparitie: 15.08.1985
Casa discuri: Warner Bros
Dio - Sacred Heart
01. King of Rock and Roll02. Sacred Heart03. Another Lie04. Rock 'n' Roll Children05. Hungry for Heaven06. Like the Beat of a Heart07. Just Another Day08. Fallen Angels09. Shoot, Shoot

The Last in Line

Aparitie: 13.07.1984
Casa discuri: Vertigo Records
Dio - The Last in Line
01. We Rock02. The Last in Line03. Breathless04. I Speed at Night05. One Night in the City06. Evil Eyes07. Mystery08. Eat Your Heart Ou09. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Holy Diver

Aparitie: 25.05.1983
Casa discuri: Mercury Records
Dio - Holy Diver
01. Stand Up and Shout02. Holy Diver03. Gypsy04. Caught in the Middle05. Don't Talk to Strangers06. Straight Through the Heart07. Invisible08. Rainbow in the Dark09. Shame on the Night