Prong Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: New York City, New York
Tommy Victor - voce, chitara
Tony Campos - bas
Alexei Rodriguez - tobe

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Zero Days

Aparitie: 28.07.2017
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Prong - Zero Days
01. However It May End02. Zero Days03. Off the Grid04. Divide and Conquer05. Forced into Tolerance06. Interbeing07. Blood Out of Stone08. Operation of the Moral Law09. The Whispers10. Self Righteous Indignation11. Rulers of the Collective12. Compulsive Future Projection13. Wasting of the Dawn14. Reasons to Be Fearful

Ruining Lives

Aparitie: 23.04.2014
Casa discuri: Steamhammer /SPV
Prong - Ruining Lives
01. Turnover02. The Barriers03. Windows Shut04. Remove, Separate Self05. Ruining Lives06. Absence of Light07. The Book of Change08. Self Will Run Riot09. Come to Realize10. Chamber of Thought11. Limitations and Validations

Carved Into Stone

Aparitie: 24.04.2012
Casa discuri: Steamhammer /SPV
Prong - Carved Into Stone
01. Eternal Heat02. Keep on Living in Pain03. Ammunition04. Revenge ... Best Served Cold05. State of Rebellion06. Put Myself to Sleep07. List of Grievances08. Carved Into Stone09. Subtract10. Path of Least Resistance11. Reinvestigate

Power of the Damager

Aparitie: 02.10.2007
Casa discuri: 13th Planet Records
Prong - Power of the Damager
01. Looking for Them02. No Justice03. Third Option04. Pure Ether05. Power of the Damager06. The Banishment07. Worst of It08. Spirit Guide09. Messages Inside of Me10. Can’t Stop the Bleeding11. Bad Fall12. Changing Ending Troubling Times

Beg to Differ

Aparitie: 12.03.1990
Casa discuri: Epic Records
Prong - Beg to Differ
01. For Dear Life02. Steady Decline03. Beg to Differ04. Lost and Found05. Your Fear06. Take It in Hand07. Intermenstrual, D.S.B.08. Right to Nothing09. Prime Cut10. Just the Same11. Third from the Sun (Live)