Tara: SUA
Oras: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Damond Jiniya - voce
Chris Caffery - chitara
Jack Frost - chitara
Jon Oliva - clape, voce, chitara
Johnny Lee Middleton - bas
Jeff Plate - tobe

Criss Oliva - chitara (RIP 17.10.1993)
Zak Stevens - voce
Steve Wacholz - tobe
Alex Skolnik - chitara
Al Pitrelli - chitara
Keith Collins - bas


Comenteaza la: Savatage



Dead Winter Dead

Aparitie: 23.09.1995
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
01. Overture02. Sarajevo03. This Is the Time (1990)04. I Am05. Starlight06. Doesn't Matter Anyway07. This Isn't What We Meant08. Mozart and Madness09. Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro)10. Dead Winter Dead11. One Child12. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)13.Not What You See

Handful of Rain

Aparitie: 16.08.1994
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Handful of Rain
01. Taunting Cobras02. Handful of Rain03. Chance04. Stare into the Sun05. Castles Burning06. Visions07. Watching You Fall08. Nothing Going On09. Symmetry10. Alone You Breathe

Edge of Thorns

Aparitie: 06.04.1993
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Edge of Thorns
01. Edge of Thorns02. He Carves His Stone03. Lights Out04. Skraggy's Tomb05. Labyrinths06. Follow Me07. Exit Music08. Degrees of Sanity09. Conversation Piece10. All That I Bleed11. Damien12. Miles away13. Sleep

Streets: a Rock Opera

Aparitie: 04.10.1991
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Streets: a Rock Opera
01. Streets02. Jesus Saves03. Tonight He Grins Again04. Strange Reality05. A Little Too Far06. You're Alive07. Sammy and Tex08. St. Patrick's09. Can You Hear Me Now10. New York City Don't Mean Nothing11. Ghost in the Ruins12. If I Go Away13. Agony and Ecstasy14. Heal My Soul15. Somewhere in Time16. Believe

Gutter Ballet

Aparitie: 01.12.1989
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Gutter Ballet
01. Of Rage and War02. Gutter Ballet03. Temptation Revelation04. When the Crowds Are Gone05. Silk and Steel06. She`s in Love07. Hounds08. The Unholy09. Mentally Yours10. Summer`s Rain11. Thorazine Shuffle

Hall of the Mountain King

Aparitie: 01.09.1987
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
01. 24 Hours Ago02. Beyond the Doors of the Dark03. Legions04. Strange Wings05. Prelude to Madness06. Hall of the Mountain King07. The Price You Pay08. White Witch09. Last Dawn10. Devastation


Aparitie: 01.07.1983
Casa discuri: Metal Blade Records
Savatage - Sirens
1. Sirens2. Holocaust3. I Believe4. Rage5. On the Run6. Twisted Little Sister7. Living for the Night8. Scream Murder9. Out on the Streets