Vicious Rumors

Vicious Rumors Activa
Tara: SUA
Nick Holleman - voce
Geoff Thorpe - chitara
Thaen Rasmussen - chitara
Tilen Hudrap - bas
Larry Howe - tobe

Carl Albert - voce
Ronnie Stixx - voce
Kiyoshi Morgan - chitara
Stephen Goodwin - bas
James Rivera - voce
Brad Gillis - chitara
Dave Starr - bas

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Concussion Protocol

Aparitie: 26.08.2016
Casa discuri: AFM Records
Vicious Rumors - Concussion Protocol
01. Concussion Protocol02. Chemical Slaves03. Victims of a Digital World04. Chasing the Priest05. Last of Our Kind06. 1000 Years07. Circle of Secrets08. Take It or Leave It09. Bastards10. Every Blessing Is a Curse11. Life for a Life

Electric Punishment

Aparitie: 26.04.2013
Casa discuri: Steamhammer /SPV
Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment
01. I Am the Gun02. Black X List03. Electric Punishment04. D - Block05. Escape (From Hell)06. Dime Store Prophet07. Together We Unite08. Eternally09. Thirst for a Kill10. Strange Ways (cover Kiss)

Razorback Killers

Aparitie: 21.03.2011
Casa discuri: SPV
Vicious Rumors - Razorback Killers
01. Murderball02. Black03. Razorback Blade04. Blood Stained Sunday05. Pearl of Wisdom06. All I Want is You07. Axe to Grind08. Let the Garden Burn09. Rite of Devastation10. Deal with the Devil


Aparitie: 02.10.2006
Casa discuri: Mascot Records
Vicious Rumors - Warball
01. Sonic Rebellion02. Mr. Miracle03. Dying Every Day04. Immortal05. Warball06. Crossthreaded07. Wheels Of Madness08. Windows Of Memory09. A Ghost Within10. Oceans Of Rage

Crushing the World

Aparitie: 03.05.2005
Casa discuri: Mascot Records
Vicious Rumors - Crushing the World
01.Down To The Temple (Live)02.On The Edge (Live)03.Digital Dictator (Live)04.Poveglia (Video)05.March Or Die (Live)06.Fight (Live)07.Only Live Twice (Live)08.Don’t Wait For Me (Live)09.Lady Took A Chance (Live & Clips, w/ Carl Albert)10.Broken Wings (Video)11.Abandoned (Live)Bonus: Against The Grain (Video)Bonus: Children (Video)Bonus: Don’t Wait For Me (Video)Bonus: The Voice (Video)

Word of Mouth

Aparitie: 01.04.1994
Casa discuri: SPV
Vicious Rumors - Word of Mouth
01. Against the Grain02. All Rights Reserved03. The Voice04. Thinking of You05. Thunder and Rain Pt. 106. Thunder and Rain Pt. 207. Strange Behavior08. Sense of Security09. Dreaming10. Building #611. Ministry of Fear12. Music Box

Welcome to the Ball

Aparitie: 19.07.1991
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Vicious Rumors - Welcome to the Ball
01. Abandoned02. You Only Live Twice03. Savior from Anger04. Children05. Dust to Dust06. Raise Your Hands07. Strange Behavior08. Six Stepsisters09. Mastermind10. When Love Comes Down11. Ends of the Earth

Digital Dictator

Aparitie: 09.02.1988
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Vicious Rumors - Digital Dictator
01. Replicant02. Digital Dictator03. Minute to Kill04. Towns on Fire05. Lady Took a Chance06. Worlds and Machines07. The Crest08.R.L.H.09. Condemned10. Out of the Shadows