Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Long Island, New York
David D. DeFeis - voce
Edward Pursino - chitara
Josh Block - bas
Frank Gilchriest - tobe


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The Black Light Bacchanalia

Aparitie: 25.10.2010
Casa discuri: SPV
Virgin Steele - The Black Light Bacchanalia
01. By the Hammer of Zeus02. Pagan Heart03. The Bread of Wickedness04. The Orpheus Taboo05. In A Dream of Fire06. Nepenthe07. Necropolis (He Answers Them with Death)08. To Crown Them with Halos1 - Part 12 - Part 209. The Tortures of the Damned10. The Black Light Bacchanalia (The Age That Is to Come)11. Eternal Regret

Visions Of Eden: The Lilith Project: A Barbaric Romantic Movie of the Mind

Aparitie: 08.09.2006
Casa discuri: Sanctuary Records
Virgin Steele - Visions Of Eden: The Lilith Project: A Barbaric Romantic Movie of the Mind
01. Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam)02. Adorned with the Rising Cobra03. The Inefable Name04. Black Light on Black05. Bonedust06. Angel of Death07. God above God08. The Hidden God09. Childslayer10. When Dusk Fell11. Visions of Eden

The House of Atreus: Act II

Aparitie: 01.12.2000
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus: Act II
CD 1:01. Wings of Vengeance02. Hymn to the Gods of Night03. Fire of Ecstasy04. The Oracle of Apollo05. The Voice as Weapon06. Moira07. Nemesis08. The Wine of Violence09. A Token of My Hatred10. Summoning the PowersCD 2:11. Flames of thy Power12. Arms of Mercury13. By the Gods14. Arepagos15. The Judgment of the Son16. Hammer the Winds17. Guilt or Innocence18. The Fields of Asphodel19. When the Legends Die20. Anymone (Withered Hopes... Forsaken)21. The Waters Of Acheron22. Fantasy And Fugue In D Minor (The Death Of Orestes)23. Resurrection Day (The Finale)

The House of Atreus: Act I

Aparitie: 01.12.1999
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Virgin Steele - The House of Atreus: Act I
01. Kingdome of the Fearless (The Destruction of Troy)02. Blaze of Victory (The Watchman's Song)03. Through the Ring of Fire04. Prelude in A Minor (The Voyage Home)05. Death Darkly Closed Their Eyes (The Messenger's Song)06. In Triumph of Tragedy07. Return of the King08. Flames of the Black Star (The Arrows of Herakles)09. Narcissus10. And Hecate Smiled11. A Song of Prophecy12. Child of Desolation13. G Minor Invention (Descent into Death's Twilight Kingdom)14. Day of Wrath15. Great Sword of Flame16. The Gift of Tantalos17. Iphigenia in Hades18. The Fire God19. Garden of Lamentation20. Agony and Shame21. Gates of Kings22. Via Sacra

Age of Consent

Aparitie: 01.10.1988
Casa discuri: Maze Records
Virgin Steele - Age of Consent
01. On the Wings of the Night02. Seventeen03. Tragedy04. Stay on Top05. Chains of Fire06. The Burning of Rome (Cry for Pompeii)07. Let It Roar08. Lion in Winter09. Cry Forever10. We Are Eternal