Deep Purple

Deep Purple Activa
Tara: Anglia
Ian Gillan - voce
Steve Morse - chitara
Roger Glover - bas
Don Airey - clape
Ian Paice - tobe


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Aparitie: 07.04.2017
Casa discuri: Earmusic
Deep Purple - Infinite
01. Time for Bedlam02. Hip Boots03. All I've Got Is You04. One Night In Vegas05. Get Me Outta Here06. The Surprising07. Johnny's Band08. On Top of the World09. Birds of Prey10. Roadhouse Blues

NOW What?!

Aparitie: 26.04.2013
Casa discuri: Earmusic
Deep Purple - NOW What?!
01. A Simple Song02. Weirdistan03. Out of Hand04. Hell to Pay05. Body Line06. Above and Beyond07. Blood from a Stone08. Uncommon Man09. Après vous10. All the Time in the World11. Vincent Price

Rapture of the Deep

Aparitie: 01.11.2005
Casa discuri: Edel Music
Deep Purple - Rapture of the Deep
01. Money Talks02. Girls Like That03. Wrong Man04. Rapture of the Deep05. Clearly Quite Absurd06. Don't Let Go07. Back to Back08. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye09. Junkyard Blues10. Before Time Began


Aparitie: 09.09.2003
Casa discuri: EMI
Deep Purple - Bananas
01. House of Pain02. Sun Goes down03. Haunted04. Razzle Dazzle05. Silver Tongue06. Walk on07. Picture of Innocence08. I Got Your Number09. Never a Word10. Bananas11. Doing it Tonight12. Contact Lost


Aparitie: 02.06.1998
Casa discuri: EMI
Deep Purple - Abandon
01. Any Fule Kno That02. Almost Human03. Don't Make Me Happy04. Seventh Heaven05. Watching the Sky06. Fingers to the Bone07. Jack Ruby08. She Was09. Whatsername10. 6911. Evil Louie12. Bludsucker


Aparitie: 01.02.1996
Casa discuri: BMG
Deep Purple - Purpendicular
01. Ted the Mechanic02. Loosen My Strings03. Soon Forgotten04. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming05. Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover06. Aviator07. Rosa's Cantina08. Castle Full of Rascals09. Touch Away10. Hey Cisco11. Somebody Stole My Guitar12. Purpendicular Waltz

Slaves and Masters

Aparitie: 01.10.1990
Casa discuri: BMG
Deep Purple - Slaves and Masters
01. King of Dreams02. The Cut Runs Deep03. Fire in the Basement04. Truth Hurts05. Breakfast in Bed06. Love Conquers All07. Fortuneteller08. Too Much Is Not Enough09. Wicked Ways


Aparitie: 10.12.1974
Casa discuri: EMI
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
01. Stormbringer02. Love Don't Mean a Thing03. Holy Man04. Hold On05. Lady Double Dealer06. You Can't Do It Right07. High Ball Shooter08. The Gypsy09. Soldier of Fortune


Aparitie: 15.02.1974
Casa discuri: EMI
Deep Purple - Burn
A1. BurnA2. Might Just Take Your LifeA3. Lay Down, Stay DownA4. Sail AwayB5. You Fool No OneB6. What's Goin' On HereB7. MistreatedB8.'A' 200

Machine Head

Aparitie: 01.03.1972
Casa discuri: Warner Bros
Deep Purple - Machine Head
01. Highway Star02. Maybe I'm a Leo03. Pictures of Home04. Never Before05. Smoke on the Water06. Lazy07. Space Truckin'

In Rock

Aparitie: 03.06.1970
Casa discuri: Harvest Records
Deep Purple - In Rock
01. Speed King02. Bloodsucker03. Child in Time04. Flight of the Rat05. Into the Fire06. Living Wreck07. Hard Lovin' Man

Deep Purple

Aparitie: 01.11.1969
Casa discuri: Harvest Records
Deep Purple - Deep Purple
01. Chasing Shadows02. Blind03. Laleña04. Fault Line05. The Painter06. Why Didn't Rosemary?07. Bird Has Flown08. April

The Book of Taliesyn

Aparitie: 11.12.1968
Casa discuri: Tetragrammaton Records
Deep Purple - The Book of Taliesyn
01. Listen, Learn, Read On02. Wring That Neck (instrumental)03. Kentucky Woman (Neil Diamond cover)04. Exposition / We Can Work It Out (The Beatles cover)05. Shield06. Anthem07. River Deep, Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner cover)

Shades of Deep Purple

Aparitie: 01.07.1968
Casa discuri: Parlophone
Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple
01. And the Address02. Hush03. One More Rainy Day04. Prelude: Happiness/I'm So Glad05. Mandrake Root06. Help07. Love Help Me08. Hey Joe