OCEANS OF SLUMBER - The Banished Heart

The Banished Heart FORMAT: CD
DATA APARITIEI: 02.03.2018
CASA DE DISCURI: Century Media

Top 2018: #12
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Cammie Gilbert – voce
Anthony Contreras – chitara, voce
Sean Gary – chitara, voce
Keegan Kelly – bas, voce
Dobber - tobe, pian, chitara

01. The Decay of Disregard02. Fleeting Vigilance03. At Dawn04. The Banished Heart05. The Watcher06. Etiolation07. A Path to Broken Stars08. Howl of the Rougarou09. Her in the Distance10. No Color, No Light11. Wayfaring Stranger

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  • Cammie Gilbert - Vocals, Dobber Beverly - Drums & Piano, Sean Gary - Guitar & Vocals, Anthony Contreras - Guitar & Vocals, Keegan Kelly - Bass & Vocals.

    1. Posted by mastermind777 | 09 Martie 2018 00:54
  • multumim, esti de un real adevar!

    2. Posted by Geralt de Rivia | 09 Martie 2018 13:04

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