Deicide Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Tampa, Florida
Glenn Benton - voce, bas
Jack Owen - chitara
Ralph Santolla - chitara
Steve Asheim - tobe

Eric Hoffman - chitara
Brian Hoffman - chitara
Dave Suzuki - chitara


Anul infiintarii: 1987


Deicide (1990)
Legion (1992)
Once Upon the Cross (1995)
Serpents of the Light (1997)
Insineratehymn (2000)
In Torment In Hell (2001)
Scars of the Crucifix (2004)



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In the Minds of Evil

Aparitie: 25.11.2013
Casa discuri: Century Media
Deicide - In the Minds of Evil
01. In the Minds of Evil02. Thou Begone03. Godkill04. Beyond Salvation05. Misery of One06. Between the Flesh and the Void07. Even the Gods Can Bleed08. Trample the Cross09. Fallen to Silence10. Kill the Light of Christ11. End the Wrath of God

To Hell with God

Aparitie: 15.02.2011
Casa discuri: Century Media
Deicide - To Hell with God
01. Save Your02. Empowered by Blasphemy03. Conviction04. Hang in Agony Until You're Dead05. To Hell with God06. Servant of the Enemy07. Witness of Death08. Angels in Hell09. Into the Darkness You Go10. How Can You Call Yourself a God

The Stench of Redemption

Aparitie: 22.08.2006
Casa discuri: Earache Records
Deicide - The Stench of Redemption
01. The Stench Of Redemption02. Death To Jesus03. Desecration04. Crucified For The Innocence05. Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold06. Homage To Satan07. Not Of This World08. Never To Be Seen Again09. The Lord’s Sedition10. Black Night

When London Burns

Aparitie: 07.03.2006
Casa discuri: Earache Records
Deicide - When London Burns
01. Scars Of The Crucifix02. They Are The Children Of The Underworld03. Bastard Of Christ04. When Satan Rules His World05. Once Upon The Cross06. Kill The Christian07. Serpents Of The Light08. Dead But Dreaming09. Lunatic Of God`s Creation10. Sacrificial Suicide11. When Heaven Burns12. Dead By Dawn13. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise14. Deicide15. Crucifixation16. Christ Denied17. Oblivious To EvilBonus :Under The Scars - documentary - 30 min

Scars Of The Crucifix

Aparitie: 23.02.2004
Casa discuri: Earache Records
Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix
01. Scars of the Crucifix02. Mad at God03. Conquered by Sodom04. Fuck Your God05. When Heaven Burns06. Enchanted Nightmare07. From Darkness Come08. Go Now Your God Is Dead09. The Pentecostal


Aparitie: 27.06.2000
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Deicide - Insineratehymn
01. Bible Basher02. Forever Hate You03. Standing in the Flames04. Remnant of a Hopeless Path05. The Gift That Keeps on Giving06. Halls of Warship07. Suffer Again08. Worst Enemy09. Apocalyptic Fear10. Refusal of Penance


Aparitie: 25.06.1990
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Deicide - Deicide
01. Lunatic of God's Creation02. Sacrificial Suicide03. Oblivious to Evil04. Dead by Dawn05. Blaspherereion06. Deicide07. Carnage in the Temple of the Damned08. Mephistopheles09. Day of Darkness10. Crucifixation


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