Witchery Activa
Site: www.myspace.com/witcherytheband
Tara: Suedia
Oras: Linkoping
Angus Norder - voce
Rille Rimfält (Richard Corpse) - chitara
Patrik Jensen - chitara
Sharlee D'Angelo - bas
Chris Barkensjö - tobe

Emperor Magus Caligula - voce
Erik "Legion" Hagstedt - voce
Tony Kampner (Toxine) - voce
Martin Axenrot - tobe


Anul infiintarii: 1997


Comenteaza la: Witchery



I Am Legion

Aparitie: 10.11.2017
Casa discuri: Century Media
Witchery - I Am Legion
01. Legion02. True North03. Welcome, Night04. Of Blackened Wing05. Dry Bones06. Amun-Ra07. Seraphic Terror08. A Faustian Deal09. An Unexpected Guest10. Great Northern Plague11. The Alchemist

In His Infernal Majesty’s Service

Aparitie: 25.11.2016
Casa discuri: Century Media
Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty’s Service
01. Lavey-athan02. Zoroast03. Netherworld Emperor04. Nosferatu05. The Burning of Salem06. Gilded Fang07. Empty Tombs08. In Warm Blood09. Escape From Dunwich Valley10. Feed the Gun11. Oath Breaker


Aparitie: 21.06.2010
Casa discuri: Century Media
Witchery - Witchkrieg
01. Witchkrieg02. Wearer of Wolf's Skin03. The God Who Fell from Earth04. Conqueror's Return05. The Reaver06. From Dead to Worse07. Devil Rides Out08. One Foot in the Grave09. Hellhound10. Witch Hunter11. Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Aparitie: 27.02.2006
Casa discuri: Century Media
Witchery - Don’t Fear the Reaper
01.Disturbing the Beast02.Stigmatized03.Draw Blood04.The Ritual05.Ashes06.Plague Rider07.Damned in Hell08.Crossfixation09.The Wait of the Pyramids10.Immortal Death11.Styx12.War Piece13.Cannonfodder

Symphony for the Devil

Aparitie: 24.09.2001
Casa discuri: Necropolis Records
Witchery - Symphony for the Devil
01. The Storm02. Unholy Wars03. Inquisition04. Omens05. Bone Mill06. None Buried Deeper...07. Wicked08. Called for by Death09. Hearse of the Pharaohs10. Shallow Grave11. Enshrined12. The One Within

Dead, Hot and Ready

Aparitie: 22.10.1999
Casa discuri: Necropolis Records
Witchery - Dead, Hot and Ready
01. Demonication02. A Paler Shade of Death03. The Guillotine04. Resurrection05. Full Moon06. The Devil and the Damage Done07. Dead, Hot and Ready08. The Devil's Triangle09. Call of the Coven10. On a Black Horse thru Hell...

Restless & Dead

Aparitie: 02.10.1998
Casa discuri: Necropolis Records
Witchery - Restless & Dead
01. The Reaper02. Witchery03. Midnight at the Graveyard04. The Hangman05. Awaiting the Exorcist06. All Evil07. House of Raining Blood08. Into Purgatory09. Born in the Night10. Restless & Dead