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Modificari in programul Urban Metal AllStar 2

Modificari in programul Urban Metal AllStar 2
Ca urmare a unor probleme legate de transportul in turneul european, grupul australian Whitehorse nu va mai putea ajunge in aceasta seara la Bucuresti.

Mai jos gasiti si mesajul din partea lor. Desi Whitehorse nu va mai participa, evenimentul de diseara se va bucura de prestatii speciale din partea Kistvaen, Depths, Void Forger, Keeng Ra'at dar si muzicienii implicati in jam session care ne-au pregatit momente inedite. Intrarea este
libera, evenimentul incepe dupa ora 20:00.


This is Pete from Whitehorse. We have had a couple of nightmare days... our van window got smashed in a freak accident on the highway a couple of days ago and we only just made our show in Serbia... Today our van tire blew out and we have missed our show in Sofia...

After long discussions with the band we have regretfully have decided that we will not be able to make the planned date for Romania which is a huge disappointment to us, as I am sure it is for you. It was not an easy decision to make but as Upyr offered to arrange a replacement show the next day and that would mean we would not have to drive any further and we can attempt to get our heads straight after a few very stressful days. I hope you understand this unfortunate situation. please accept our deepest apologies.

Pete / Whitehorse.

Sursa: Mighty Owl Prods

MAI MULTE DESPRE Keeng Ra'at, Kistvaen, Void Forger
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