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The Path of Totality

Aparitie: 06.12.2011
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Korn - The Path of Totality
01. Chaos Lives in Everything02. Kill Mercy Within03. My Wall04. Narcissistic Cannibal05. Illuminati06. Burn the Obedient07. Sanctuary08. Let's Go09. Get Up!10. Way Too Far11. Bleeding Out

Korn III – Remember Who You Are

Aparitie: 06.07.2010
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Korn - Korn III – Remember Who You Are
01. Uber-Time02. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)03. Pop a Pill04. Fear Is a Place to Live05. Move On06. Lead the Parade07. Let the Guilt Go08. The Past09. Never Around10. Are You Ready to Live?11. Holding All These Lies

Take A Look In The Mirror

Aparitie: 21.11.2003
Casa discuri: Sony Music
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
01. Right Now - Dirty Version02. Break Some Off03. Counting on Me04. Here It Comes Again05. Deep Inside06. Did My Time07. Everything I've Known08. Play Me (Featuring Nas)09. Alive10. Let's Do This Now11. I'm Done12. Ya'll Want A Single13. When Will This End14. One


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