Saxon Activa
Tara: Anglia
Oras: Barnsley, Yorkshire
Biff Byford - voce
Paul Quinn - chitara
Doug Scarratt - chitara
Nibbs Carter - bas
Nigel Glockner - tobe


Anul infiintarii: 1977


Comenteaza la: Saxon




Aparitie: 02.02.2018
Casa discuri: Silver Lining Music
Saxon - Thunderbolt
01. Olympus Rising02. Thunderbolt03. The Secret of Flight04. Nosferatu (The Vampires Waltz)05. They Played Rock and Roll06. Predator07. Sons of Odin08. Sniper09. A Wizard's Tale10. Speed Merchants11. Roadie's Song12. Nosferatu (Raw Version)


Aparitie: 01.03.2013
Casa discuri: UDR
Saxon - Sacrifice
01. Procession02. Sacrifice03. Made in Belfast04. Warriors of the Road05. Guardians of the Tomb06. Stand Up and Fight07. Walking the Steel08. Night of the Wolf09. Wheels of Terror10. Standing in a Queue

Call to Arms

Aparitie: 03.06.2011
Casa discuri: Militia Guard Music
Saxon - Call to Arms
01. Hammer of the Gods02. Back in 7903. Surviving Against the Odds04. Mists of Avalon05. Call to Arms06. Chasing the Bullet07. Afterburner08. When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)09. No Rest for the Wicked10. Ballad of the Working Man11. Call to Arms (orchestral version)

Into the Labyrinth

Aparitie: 12.01.2009
Casa discuri: SPV
Saxon - Into the Labyrinth
01. Battalions Of Steel02. Live To Rock03. Demon Sweeney Todd04. The Letter05. Valley Of The Kings06. Slow Lane Blues07. Crime Of Passion08. Premonition in D Minor09. Voice10. Protect Yourselves11. Hellcat12. Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)13. Coming Home (Bottleneck Version)

The Inner Sanctum

Aparitie: 05.03.2007
Casa discuri: SPV
Saxon - The Inner Sanctum
01. State Of Grace02. Need For Speed03. Let Me Feel Your Power04. Red Star Falling05. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)06. If I Was You07. Going Nowhere Fast08. Ashes To Ashes09. Empire Rising10. Atila The Hun


Aparitie: 28.09.2004
Casa discuri: SPV
Saxon - Lionheart
01. Witchfinder General02. Man and Machine03. The Return04. Lionheart05. Beyond the Grave06. Justice07. To Live by the Sword08. Jack Tars09. English Man O War10. Searching for Atlantis11. Flying on the Edge

Killing Ground

Aparitie: 25.09.2001
Casa discuri: SPV
Saxon - Killing Ground
01. Intro02. Killing Ground03. The Court of the Crimson King04. Coming Home05. Hell Freezes Over06. Dragon's Lair07. You Don't Know What You've Got08. Deeds of Glory09. Running for the Border10. Shadows on the Wall11. Rock is Our Life


Aparitie: 09.11.1999
Casa discuri: SPV
Saxon - Metalhead
01. Intro02. Metalhead03. Are We Travellers in Time04. Conquistador05. What Goes Around06. Song of Evil07. All Guns Blazing08. Prisoner09. Piss off10. Watching You11. Sea of Life

Unleash the Beast

Aparitie: 14.10.1997
Casa discuri: CMC International
Saxon - Unleash the Beast
01. Gothic Dreams02. Unleash the Beast03. Terminal Velocity04. Circle of Light05. The Thin Red Line06. Ministry of Fools07. The Preacher08. Bloodletter09. Cut Out the Disease10. Absent Friends11. All Hell Breaking Loose

Dogs of War

Aparitie: 14.08.1995
Casa discuri: Mayhem Records
Saxon - Dogs of War
01. Dogs of War02. Burning Wheels03. Don't Worry04. Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)05. Hold On06. The Great White Buffalo07. Demolition Alley08. Walking through Tokyo09. Give It All Away10. Yesterday's Gone

Solid Ball of Rock

Aparitie: 01.01.1990
Casa discuri: Virgin Music
Saxon - Solid Ball of Rock
01. Solid Ball of Rock02. Altar of the Gods03. Requiem (We Will Remember)04. Lights in the Sky05. I Just Can't Get Enough06. Baptism of Fire07. Ain't Gonna Take It08. I'm on Fire09. Overture In B-Minor / Refugee10. Bavarian Rhapsody11. Crash Dive


Aparitie: 20.06.1988
Casa discuri: EMI
Saxon - Destiny
01. Ride Like the Wind (cover Christopher Cross)02. Where the Lightning Strikes03. I Can't Wait Anymore04. Calm Before the Storm05. S.O.S.06. Song for Emma07. For Whom the Bell Tolls08. We Are Strong09. Jericho Siren10. Red Alert


Aparitie: 16.04.1984
Casa discuri: Carrere Records
Saxon - Crusader
01. The Crusader Prelude02. Crusader03. A Little Bit of What You Fancy04. Sailing to America05. Set Me Free (cover Sweet)06. Just Let Me Rock07. Bad Boys (Like toRock'n'Roll)08. Do It All for You09. Rock City10. Run for Your Lives

Power & the Glory

Aparitie: 21.03.1983
Casa discuri: Carrere Records
Saxon - Power & the Glory
01. Power and the Glory02. Redline03. Warrior04. Nightmare05. This Town Rocks06. Watching the Sky07. Midas Touch08. The Eagle Has Landed

Denim and Leather

Aparitie: 05.10.1981
Casa discuri: Capitol Records
Saxon - Denim and Leather
01. Princess of the Night02. Never Surrender03. Out of Control04. Rough and Ready05. Play It Loud06. And the Bands Played On07. Midnight Rider08. Fire in the Sky09. Denim and Leather

Strong Arm of the Law

Aparitie: 31.08.1980
Casa discuri: Carrere Records
Saxon - Strong Arm of the Law
01. Heavy Metal Thunder02. To Hell and Back Again03. Strong Arm of the Law04. Taking Your Chances05. 20,000 Ft.06. Hungry Years07. Sixth Form Girls08. Dallas 1 PM

Wheels of Steel

Aparitie: 04.05.1980
Casa discuri: Carrere Records
Saxon - Wheels of Steel
01. Motorcycle Man02. Stand Up and Be Counted03. 747 (Strangers in the Night)04. Wheels of Steel05. Freeway Mad06. See the Light Shining07. Street Fighting Gang08. Suzie Hold On09. Machine Gun