Nevermore Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Seattle
Warrel Dane - voce
Jim Sheppard - bas

Jeff Loomis - chitara (1991-2011)
Van Williams - tobe (1995-2011)
Steve Smyth - chitara
Curran Murphy - chitara (2000-2001)
Tim Calvert - chitara (1999-2000)
Pat O'Brian - chitara (1997-1998)
Mark Arrington - tobe (1991-1995)


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The Obsidian Conspiracy

Aparitie: 31.05.2010
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy
01. The Termination Proclamation02. Your Poison Throne03. Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death)04. And the Maiden Spoke05. Emptiness Unobstructed06. The Blue Marble and the New Soul07. Without Morals08. The Day You Built the Wall09. She Comes in Colors10. The Obsidian Conspiracy

The Year of the Voyager

Aparitie: 20.10.2008
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - The Year of the Voyager
DVD 1 (Live la Zeche, Bochum, Germany, 11 octombrie, 2006):01. Final Product02. My Acid Words03. What Tomorrow Knows/Garden of Grey04. Next In Line05. Enemies of Reality06. I, Voyager07. The River Dragon Has Come08. I Am The Dog09. Dreaming Neon Black10. Noumenon11. Inside Four Walls12. Politics of Ecstasy13. Dead Heart In A Dead World14. Matricide15. The Learning16. Sentient 617. Narcosynthesis18. The Heart Collector19. Born20. This Godless EndeavorDVD 2:Live la Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada, 2 septembrie, 200501. Born02. Enemies Of RealityLive la Metal Mania 200603. Final Product04. The Heart Collector05. Enemies Of Reality06. The Seven Tongues Of GodLive la Wacken Open Air 200607. Final Product08. Narcosynthesis09. Engines Of Hate10. BornMaterial bonus:Live la The Roxy, Los Angeles, 200111. Engines Of Hate'12. Beyond WithinVideoclipuri:13. What Tomorrow Knows14. Next In Line15. Believe In Nothing16. I, Voyager17. Enemies Of Reality18. Final Product19. Born20. NarcosynthesisInterviu cu Warrel Dane

This Godless Endeavor

Aparitie: 26.07.2005
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
01. Born02. The Final Product03. My Acid Words04. Bittersweet Feast05. Sentient 606. Medicated Nation07. The Holocaust of Thought08. Sell My Heart for Stones09. The Psalm of Lydia10. A Future Uncertain11. This Godless Endeavor

Enemies of Reality (re-mixed&re-mastered)

Aparitie: 01.04.2005
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - Enemies of Reality (re-mixed&re-mastered)
01. Enemies of Reality02. Ambivalent03. Never Purify04. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday05. I, Voyager06. Create the Infinite07. Who Decides08. Noumenon09. Seed Awakening

Dead Heart in a Dead World

Aparitie: 17.10.2000
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World
01. Narcosynthesis02. We Disintegrate03. Inside Four Walls04. Evolution 16905. The Riverdragon Has Come06. The Heart Collector07. Engines of Hate08. The Sound of Silence09. Insignificant10. Believe in Nothing11. Dead Heart in a Dead World

Dreaming Neon Black

Aparitie: 26.01.1999
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
01. Ophidian02. Beyond within03. The Death of Passion04. I am the Dog05. Dreaming Neon Black06. Deconstruction07. The Fault of the Flesh08. The Lotus Eaters09. Poison Godmachine10. All Play Dead11. Cenotaph12. No More Will13. Forever

The Politics of Ecstasy

Aparitie: 05.11.1996
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - The Politics of Ecstasy
01. Seven Tongues of God02. This Sacrament03. Next in Line04. Passenger05. Politics of Ecstasy06. Lost07. Tiananmen Man08. Precognition09. 4214710. Learning

In Memory

Aparitie: 23.07.1996
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - In Memory
1. Optimist or Pessimist2. Matricide3. In Memory4. Silent Hedges/Double Dare (cover Bauhaus)5. The Sorrowed Man


Aparitie: 01.01.1995
Casa discuri: Century Media
Nevermore - Nevermore
1. What Tomorrow Knows2. C.B.F.3. The Sanity Assassin4. Garden of Grey5. Sea of Possibilities6. The Hurting Words7. Timothy Leary8. Godmoney


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